Write about your favourite film

Year 6 test

  • test
  • Think about favourite characters, favourite highlights etc

Write about your Memories of Benton Park

Best Memories of Benton Park

  • Write about youe favourite memory of primary school. who was your teacher? Describe the memory. Why was it so important?

The 100 point challenge.

On Tuesday morning we started the 100 point challenge. Each child has to get 100 points to be put into a draw. On the last day of school if your name gets picked out you can pick any prizes left on the prize table. At the weekend miss Witherow is going to get a few cool prizes. Some of the mystery prizes in the past have been: an IPod shuffle, a camera and a kindle. To get points you have to be well mannered, line up smartly, do good work and just be good in general.

Good luck getting the 100 points!

Thanks for reading!

My summer holidays 💕🍉

On July 31st me and Sophie are going to Center Parcs for 4 nights I’m so excited
on the first night we arrive we out going to choose our rooms (me and Sophie have the room with the TV)then we are going to pool until we go for dinner

.The second night is going to be fun because me Sam and Sophie are making dinner ( hopefully the kitchen is still standing).

.On the 3rd day me Sam and Sophie are going on the Ariel Adventure which is a bit like the high rope challenge whilst our mums go to the spa .

The next day we on doing a different activity but I forgot what it is …Then we going to have a movie night where we watch movies all night,you get the idea with the stuff

My favourite bit might be have a 4 night sleepover with Sophie
It’s not far now less than four weeks away !

Scottish opera

Yesterday, Year 5/6 took part in a performance with the Scottish Opera. I wasn’t in it because I was on holiday but  I still sung the songs in practice. From what I actually took part in it was good.

Everyone really enjoyed the show and we hope to do it again.

Tam ‘O Shanter

The Scottish Opera was amazing! Everyone loved it, we learnt and performed it in only one day. The people who taught us it (Scottish Opera) were soo good! Their voices were fantastic. All the parents found the act wicked😂. Thank you Benton Park! Just like last year we all performed really well.

Scottish Opera🎶 Yr/5/6

This years Sottish Opera was amazing,I also loved all the actions and the acting it was really affective and good! I was in a group called the Stormy Crew there was three ….. Stormy Crew, Witches Crew and the Terrible Tavern Crew.I think the Scottish Opera are very talented to and I thought it was a great day!🎶

Summer time💕

Since its Summer holidays in only 3 weeks! I’ve decided to do a blog on what I’m up to during the holidays….. Well only a week after we break up from school, I’m going on holiday with Laura Goodwin,My best friend! Well we are both going to centre parcs and booked loads of activities and fun stuff to get up to! Totally my type of holiday! Continue reading

Annie the dog

On Thursday I watched a program that brought me to tears it the amazing life of Annie. Annie is a 6 year old dog from London who was found in a box in a alleyway in London she found starving and almost dead a man who is now being called a hero after he found Annie and ran over he said ‘what he saw was horrible’many of her teeth were missing and her back left leg was completely cut and her ribs were visible threw her skin so he jumped into action and called the vet he took of his jacket and raped her in it the vet arrived.And it was later revealed that her owner was the culprit but she happily survived and the man was given a medal of bravery.




I bet you guys have struggled with sats all the papers tests but I surporse you liked the treat at the end aspesioly saying Jessie’s mum payed all you guys to go to wetting wild sadly I have to do sats next year sadly to be honest I don’t want to but goooooood job year six and byeeeeeee

From Mason